silicon specialist


Silicon Specialists brings its many years of experience in the wafer reclaim service to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer objectives, through our precision process engineering and production/quality controls that include careful consideration of initial customer

communications/parameters/specifications, incoming wafer inspection and presorting, strip/etch, lapping, polishing, clean/spin/rinse/dry, 100% visual inspect, final inspection tool analysis , final quality assurance documentation, and careful sorting/packaging. We offer best-in-industry results that deliver value and consistency to our customers.

silicon specialist


Our expertise in Silicon goes back to 1990. Our process engineers have been at the forefront of Silicon wafer production in virtually every step of the process, including such areas as Silicon crystal growth, slicing, lapping, stepped-polishing, single side polish, double-side polish, edge grind/shape, etching, cleaning, QA-inspections, process engineering and development, polishing plant design/production, special tool manufacturing, training, and packaging. We are highly skilled in all diameters of Silicon wafers from 50mm to 300mm.

  • Prime

  • Virgin

  • Test

  • Reclaimed

  • Thin Film Oxide

  • Silicon On Insulator (SOI)

  • Ultra-thin Wafers

  • Ultra Flat Wafers < 1um

Various materials substrates

Our substrates include single Element Semiconductors, Insulator, Graded Semiconductors, Ternary Semiconductors, Superconducting Glass, and more.

Various wafer sizes and shapes

Our wafer sizes: 2”, 4” and 6”; Diced 4”/100mm wafer in 5x5mm Si chips; Ultra-flat 5x5mm Si chips; Ultra-flat 5x5mm Si chips with 200nm thermal SiO2; Silicon Finder Grid ultra-flat Si substrate.

Various wafer thicknesses including thin wafers

Silicon standard wafer sizes are available in a variety of diameters from 25.4 mm (1 inch) to 300 mm (11.8 inches).

Wafer Cut Down and shaping services

Our services include: precision waterjet cutting & shaping; patterned wafer cutting & dicing; edge trimming; hole cutting; prototyping; wafer grinding, dicing inspection and packaging.