SSL operations are closed permanently. Business Assets and Inventory Available for Purchase.
Contact Fred King, (415) 244-7435 or Carol Bennett (650) 465-3501 for more information.


History - Silicon Specialists was founded in 1996 in Hayward, Silicon Valley, California. We have seen many changes in the valley and the semiconductor industry over the years, and to meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry, we are poised for the current and future challenges of this growing business. Our team of experts are blessed with many years of experience in various materials, wafer sizes (50mm to 300mm diameter), different wafer shapes, various thicknesses, thin wafers, wafer cut-down (re-size), edge grind, etching, lapping, polishing (single-side or double-side), re-polish/reclaim, and special custom projects.

Facilities - Silicon Specialists has the physical facilities and equipment/tools to provide excellent wafer polishing, processing, and reclaiming for production quantities, as well as small custom, small batch production, or R&D/Test-related projects and applications. Our facility includes the following:

  • Over 20,000 sq. ft.
  • (6) Large polishing machines (double-side and single-side)-SpeedFam and Peter Wolters
  • (2) Lapping machines
  • (3) Small Polishing machines
  • Edge grind/round machines
  • Etch & Clean Sinks
  • Inspection Tools include KLA-Tencor Surfscan 5500, UV High Intensity Lamps, other miscellaneous inspection tools/instruments.
  • Large In-house wafer inventory.

PEOPLE - Our management consists of several key people, with over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of the wafer polishing industry. A critical backbone element to our success is the substantial process engineering knowledge, advanced production capabilities, and quality control expertise that our highly skilled and seasoned team brings to Silicon Specialists, working for its valued customers.

Commitment to Excellence and Customer Satisfaction - The substantial skill and broad-based experience that we provide, optimizes value to our customers through the achievement of exceptional product quality and consistency, at the most competitive pricing and on-time delivery. This quality commitment and customer-centric attitude is our most treasured foundation.


  • Wide variety of customers to meet various industry demands..
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies
  • Semiconductor equipment manufacturers
  • Solar Energy panel manufacturers
  • University Semiconductor Labs
  • Semiconductor Industry R&D; Labs
  • Government Research Labs – Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Transportation, Environment

Silicon Specialists has over 20 years of wafer polishing/processing experience at our headquarters    and wafer production facility, located in Hayward (Silicon Valley) California, USA. Silicon Specialists provides substantial volume wafer polishing/processing service to customer specifications and production quantities. Silicon Specialists provides wafers and wafer processing services for any size, quantity, and specification. Prime Test, or Reclaim. Quality Wafer Services, Lowest Prices, On-time Delivery. Experience with variety of materials and applications.