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Silicon Wafer purchase & Sale

Being a part of this century, we all must have utilized a silicon wafer either intentionally or unintentionally. The common gadgets and electronic products we use in our daily lives consist of silicon wafers. From your smartphones to cars and many things in between have circuits set on silicon wafers. These wafers support the complex functioning of devices by their ability of semi-conduction of electric charges.

Silicon wafers are now being used in various product manufacturing. According to Ohio research, 90% of all household devices are manufactured by using silicon wafers. Similarly, 30% of different types of toys, and 45% of industry machines are designed and produced by incorporating silicon wafers. All these applications are a clear sign of an increase in Silicon Wafer sale around the world.

Here is a small discussion about the application of silicon wafers in various domains.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices perform various defined functions with the help of programmed integrated circuits. These circuits transmit the electric signals and allow the device to accomplish the required goals. The integrated circuits are built on silicon wafers of different dimensions as per the requirement of the device. They help to control the flow of current with the help of other components and programming. In this way, a simple electronic device becomes smart enough to execute complex work like remote based operations, sensor-based functions, and communication through the internet, etc. 

Silicon wafers have also played a major role in minimizing the size and weight of electronic devices. These wafers made it possible for manufacturers to create a portable version of mega machines. So the next time you see a smart or compact device- it clearly means you are utilizing silicon wafers in any of the forms.

Solar Systems

Solar Energy panels and solar devices are incomplete without silicon wafers. The energy storage process, consumption process, and recharging process are all dependent on ICs or, in other words, silicon wafers. From solar panels to connected devices which run with solar energy by the panels, all have various circuit boards which include silicon wafers.

Reclaim Silicon Wafer

For less complex products like toys, remotes, low-quality cellphones, trackers, sensory devices, cameras, etc. Silicon wafers are reclaimed are used after the product is discarded. Research Labs and Industries related to Energy management, Aerospace, Defense, Environment, Robotics, Transportation, and Weaponry, etc. sale the used wafer. On the other hand, reclaim industries is busy in Silicon Wafer purchase from wide varieties of industries. They process secondhand wafers and polish them which are reused in less complex devices. The Silicon Specialists deals in all kinds of silicon wafer sale and purchase. Call us today to know more.

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  • Over 20,000 sq. ft.  Manufacturing Facility

  • 6 Large polishing machines

  • 2 Double Sided Large Lapping machines

  • 4  Buff/ Final Polishing machines

  • 6 Edge grind/round machines

  • 8 Etch & Clean Sinks

  • 3 Inspection Tools include KLA-Tencor 5500, and UV High Intensity Lamps.

  • Large In-house wafer inventory and full sorting facility with all ADE non-contact Guages


  • Wide variety of customers to meet various industry demands.

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies

  • Semiconductor equipment manufacturers

  • Solar Energy panel manufacturers

  • University Semiconductor Labs

  • Semiconductor Industry R&D; Labs

  • Government Research Labs – Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Transportation, Environment



The Process Engineers At Silicon Specialists Have Been Performing Custom Polishing For Many Years, And Would Welcome Discussing With You Your Unique Project/Application. We Take Pride In Utilizing Our Knowledge In Custom Applications To Enhance Value To Our Customers. This Includes Such Special Custom Services Such As The Following:

Various materials substrates

Various wafer sizes and shapes

Various wafer thicknesses including thin wafers

Wafer Cut Down and shaping services